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Yealink UH34 USB Wired Headset: Comfort & Quality for Professionals

Yealink UH34 USB Wired Headset: Comfort & Quality for Professionals

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Experience superior audio quality with the Yealink UH34 USB Wired Headset. Designed for professionals, it offers comfort, noise cancellation, and seamless connectivity for voice communications. Upgrade your audio experience today.


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Introducing the Yealink UH34 USB Wired Headset, a professional headset designed for exceptional audio quality and all-day comfort. Available in both monaural and binaural versions, the UH34 is perfect for professionals who rely on voice communications. Key features include:

  • Simple and Flexible Connectivity: USB plug-and-play setup ensures seamless connection to your PC or Yealink IP phone, providing optimized audio quality.
  • Unparalleled Audio Experience: Equipped with a high signal-to-noise ratio speaker and independent cavity design, the UH34 delivers crystal clear audio and reduces background noise.
  • Ultra-lightweight Comfort: Crafted with soft ear cushions and ultra-lightweight materials, the ergonomic design ensures maximum comfort during long conference calls and extended use.
  • Intuitive Controller: An LED indicator on the hand-held controller provides easy access to key call control functions such as answering, ending, and rejecting calls, as well as mute/unmute options.
  • Yealink USB Connect Software: Monitor device information and upgrade firmware for one or multiple headsets with ease, thanks to the included software and Yealink Device Management Platform/Cloud Service.

Choose between leather or foamy ear cushions and enjoy superior comfort and audio performance with the Yealink UH34 USB Wired Headset.

A USB Wired Headset Designed for Professionals

  • Technical Data

    • Headset cable length: 1.2 m (from headset to call control unit)
    • USB cable length: 0.9 m (from call control unit to USB plug)
    • Supported operating systems: Microsoft Windows® 8/8.1/10, Apple Mac OS
    • Color: Black
    • Weight: UH34 Mono: 88 g, UH34 Dual: 118 g, UH34 Lite Mono: 84 g, UH34 Lite Dual: 110 g
    • Storage temperature: -30 °C to +70 °C
    • Operating temperature: -10 °C to +50 °C
    • Microphone type: Uni-Directional ECM
    • Microphone frequency response range: 100 Hz-8 kHz
    • Microphone bandwidth: Wideband
    • Microphone sensitivity: -44.0 dB re. 1 V/Pa
    • Speaker size: 28mm
    • Speaker sensitivity: 93 dB SPL @1 kHz
    • Speaker frequency response range: 20 Hz-20 kHz
    • Speaker impedance: 32Ω, @1.0 kHz
    • Speaker input power: max 10 mW
    • Speaker bandwidth: Wideband
    • Call management features: Answer/End/Reject/Hold a call, Volume up/down, Microphone mute, Redial last outgoing call
    • Package contents: UH34 Mono Headset or UH34 Dual Headset or UH34 Lite Mono Headset or UH34 Lite Dual Headset, Quick Start Guide
  • Product Features

    • Yealink USB Wired Headset
    • Available in UH34 (leather ear cushions) and UH34 Lite (foamy ear cushions) versions
    • Monaural (UH34/UH34 Lite Mono) and binaural (UH34/UH34 Lite Dual) options
    • Crystal clear audio quality
    • Lightweight and comfortable for all-day wear
    • Suitable for workers who frequently use headsets for voice communications
    • Yealink USB Connect software and Yealink Device Management Platform/Cloud Service compatibility
    • Simple and flexible USB plug-and-play connectivity
    • Compatible with Yealink IP phones for optimized audio quality
    • High signal-to-noise ratio speaker and independent cavity design
    • Passive noise cancellation for clearer conversations
    • Ultra-lightweight materials for all-day wearing comfort
    • Available in various models: UH34/UH34 Lite Mono Teams, UH34/UH34 Lite Mono UC, UH34/UH34 Lite Dual Teams, UH34/UH34 Lite Dual UC
    • Intuitive hand-held controller with LED indicator for easy call control
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