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Alcatel T26 Residential Corded Phone with Visual Call Indicator

Alcatel T26 Residential Corded Phone with Visual Call Indicator

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Discover the Alcatel T26 residential phone with a visual call indicator, redial key, and wall-mountable design for easy installation. Get yours now!


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Alcatel T26 Residential Phone: The Essential Home Communication Solution

The Alcatel T26 corded residential phone offers a reliable and convenient solution for your home communication needs. Its essential features include:

  • Visual Call Indicator: Easily see when a new call is coming with the built-in ringer LED.
  • Wall Mountable: Install the phone anywhere in your home, thanks to its wall-mountable design.
  • Redial Key: Quickly redial the last called number with a dedicated redial key.
  • Ringer Volume Control: Adjust the ringer volume to your preference with 3 settings: high, low, or off.
  • Mute Key & Flash Function: Mute your call or use the flash function with easy-to-use keys.

Available in grey and white colours, the Alcatel T26 is a simple yet functional phone for any home. Learn More.

Experience Reliable Home Communication with the Alcatel T26 Phone

  • Technical Data

    • Dialling type: Tone/Pulse
    • Flashing duration: 100, 300, 600 ms
    • Removable line connector cord: RJ11/RJ11
    • Size: 193 x 184 x 72 mm (L x W x H)
    • Number of pieces per carton: 10
  • Product Features

    • Dedicated redial key for last called number
    • Ringer LED for easy call identification
    • Wall-mountable design for versatile installation
    • Visual call indicator for incoming calls
    • Single ringtone with adjustable volume
    • Mute key for temporary audio silence
    • Flash (R) key for additional functionality
    • Available in grey and white colours
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